We’re a pocket marketing studio designed to help companies thrive.



In-Depth Market Research & Strategy



Brand DNA & Buyer Personas



Thoughtful Marketing Campaigns


Data + a hint of Magic. We’re one of the few agencies to employ a data-driven and creative approach to everything that we do.


The world's first smartwatch you never have to charge.


We created and launched a renewable paid media plan to turbocharge product sales.


Making the world a more creative place, one app at a time.


 We built a renewable growth strategy and oversaw app store optimization for the full suite of Easy Tiger apps.


All natural, quality shaving products for women, by women.


We designed and executed a marketing strategy to drive sales and engagement.



Mobile privacy solutions trusted by over 50 million users. 


 We designed and executed a cross-platform ASO strategy for the full suite of Keepsafe apps.



 Life insurance for people with pre-existing conditions.


We built, grew, and automated MIRA's social media channels while providing a framework for subscriber growth.


Create Music Videos Using Special Effects


We partnered with influencers to grow quality installs.